490 Freedom Index Results, David Abbey from LFC Retires, NM Taxpayer ROI, Parental Rights in Public Schools and more

Alamogordo’s own Rep. John Block took home the top prize in our Freedom Index this year. Paul and Wally discuss some of the other results and trends. Paul and Wally also discuss the departure of David Abbey from the LFC and the hole that he leaves.

According to a new Wallethub report New Mexico taxpayers get a terrible return on investment.

Yes, the Biden Administration really was trying to ban gas stoves. Sen. Martin Heinrich claims to oppose “dark money,” but he is also a leading supporter of the “dark money” group “Rewiring America.”  

A hidden video captures school board trainer Andrew Sanchez pushing against “parental rights” and instead arguing that “parental rights end when you decide to send your kid to public school.”

Paul and Wally have talked about this anti-donation clause issue. Now, it is clear that the turf was ONLY to be used by the Gladiators football team. The indoor soccer team playing in the same arena is NOT allowed to use the turf.