379 No More Masks, Education Track Record, Freedom Index and more

At long last, New Mexico’s mask mandate has finally been lifted. Most, but not all schools and school districts have also ended their mandates although UNM and CNM have not. Here are some things that STILL need to be done to restore freedom in New Mexico. The unions have also changed their position on masks while ALSO acknowledging that masking kids had a negative impact on learning.

While she will tout the amount of money she and the Legislature will spend on education, no amount of money can save MLG’s awful education track record.

Another Democrat lawmaker behaved badly recently. Rep. Georgene Louis was arrested for DUI and also facing charges of speeding and failing to show her vehicle registration and proof of insurance, according to jail records. House Speaker Egolf announced after the session that he is leaving the Legislature. His chief of staff will run for his seat.

Paul offers his take on the most important bills that passed or did not pass in the recently-completed session. SB 14 Clean Fuel Standard, SB 8 (SB 144), HB 6 (Net-Zero), HB 163 (tax cuts), and HB 132 (interest rate limit). Track how your legislators performed on the Rio Grande Foundation’s Freedom Index.  How did your legislators vote?

Finally, Paul and Wally discuss the numerous bills and developments regarding utility reliability in New Mexico. What happened during the session and what’s next? Will we have electricity in July and August?