This is the 500th episode of Tipping Point New Mexico

This is the 500th episode of Tipping Point New Mexico. It is our 500th episode and we started in June 2018. Where will the next 500 episodes take us?

Wally and Paul discuss a so-called controversy ginned up by a lefty group in NM. They are annoyed NM gave a $100K contract to “diversify the NM economy away from oil and gas” to a conservative lobbying firm. On that note, Paul’s latest op-ed discusses New Mexico’s fundamentally flawed approach to economic development.

work requirement for welfare programs worked in the 1990s and was included in Speaker McCarthy’s deficit reduction plan. Why not do it again (NM’s delegation is opposed)?

The conversation begins on changing Albuquerque’s system of government:

Another measuring stick illustrates how New Mexico’s “gusher” of revenues has continued and built up our deferred spending

MLG touts New Mexico’s low unemployment number, but the State’s job growth is mediocre since COVID. 

Environmental groups’ lawsuit seeks to end oil and gas extraction on federal lands.

Despite reports of being among the worst in the nation in terms of ozone pollution, it is good to remember that ozone pollution is falling in Albuquerque and the nation as a whole.