323 Busiest News Week Ever for New Mexico?

Busiest news week ever?

New rules for COVID 19. State releases rules on Monday, CDC follows up, APS enacts universal masking in schools. What’s the science? Does it make any sense to tell vaccinated people to mask up? Masks are ALSO recommended. Are lockdowns coming?

20 cities across New Mexico held anti-masking in school policies. We attended the one in ABQ.

Sheryl Williams Stapleton is in trouble. We can explain the details and what it means. RGF has long had concerns with Rep. Stapleton’s name being attached to a facility at Expo NM. She has resigned from her House seat.

The NM United soccer team has unveiled plans for a new taxpayer-funded soccer stadium. RGF has concerns.

PNM is concerned about brownouts next summer when the San Juan Generating Station is closed.

A new report says NM is the #1 economically-failing state while Utah is the #1 thriving state. 

 RGF calls Attorney General’s Public-Nuisance Suit against medical-product sterilization firm a dangerous abuse of state authority

Senator Heinrich responds to our natural gas piece. So does Demis Foster of Conservation Voters New Mexico. We discuss.

In this special interview, Paul talks to Rep. Bill Rehm about his past efforts to prohibit subdivisions of State government like APS from paying employees like Rep. Williams Stapleton for their time in Santa Fe during which they also received per diem.

Also, Rehm and Gessing discuss plans to break up APS in favor of a few smaller districts.