460 PRC Commissioner Finalists, Story File, COVID-19 Learning Loss, Back to the Office for State Employees and more

New Mexico’s GOP re-ups with Steve Pearce as Chair. Also, Paul offers a few more thoughts on voter turnout during the last election

The PRC picks 9 candidates for Gov. MLG to pick from. RGF adjunct Kenneth Costello was NOT among the finalists. Paul and Wally discuss.

Wal Mart joins RGF in their innovative use of “StoryFile” technology.

New Mexico is following the “Voices” playbook, but to what end? 

A new study tallies up the cost of COVID learning loss to $900 billion in lost income.

It’s back to the office on January 1 for state employees.

NM’s workforce participation rate has not only NOT recovered from before COVID, it has actually dropped since June.