612 Maxeon Deal, Virgin Galactic, Joshua Trees and Gabe Vasquez All Descending and more

Education reform and school choice evangelist Corey DeAngelis is heading to Albuquerque. Get your seat today.

Paul’s opinion piece on 40% vote threshold ran on Sunday in Albuquerque Journal. The vote was sadly postponed. A bid to remove the City’s “sanctuary city” status failed 5-4 as well.

Fauci testifies to Congress:

Notes 6ft rule was made up
Same with masking children
Lab leak theory (claims he never denied it)
NIH scientists made $710 Million in royalties from drug companies and tried to hide it

New Mexico’s Maxeon deal is a mess even before ground is broken.

Virgin Galactic struggles to maintain stock listing.

State regulations on school meals (school officials say they aren’t feasible). Santa Fe New Mexican coverage.

Biden Administration considers new regulations to increase home costs.

Solar project to destroy 3,500 Joshua trees in California.

Also in California they are banning reusable plastic bags now.

Rep. Gabe Vasquez is not a nice person.