596 House Republicans Elect Leaders, I-40 Crumbles, Request for $250 Million to Reduce I-25 Emissions and more

New Mexico’s House Republicans have elected new leaders. Paul and Wally know the players and discuss.

While I-40 crumbles NM asks feds for $250 million to reduce emissions on I-25.

The left doubles down on EV mandates. MLG touts EV mandates (the transition is “inevitable” but must be subsidized and mandated). Tesla’s dropping sales, MLG/Biden mandates outstrip estimates.

NM ranks 30th overall in Wallethub tax burden report.

APD garners national headlines for wrong reasons but the City Council fails to hold Chief Medina accountable as the department continues to languish…due to lack of accountability.

RGF hosts an upcoming luncheon in Albuquerque and a dinner event in Roswell on April 22nd. Find out more about the book being discussed here.