588 New Mexico Rich State – Poor People, Still No Limits on Public Health Emergencies and much more

Paul recently had a piece in National Review Online which details why New Mexico is a “Rich State with Poor People”

In a second op-ed Paul discusses the fact that after four years New Mexico Still has no limits on public health emergencies.

Paul experienced an electronic candidate nominating petition issue.

The 4 day school week saga continues.

No royalty rate increase was padded in the Legislature this session: Land Commissioner Garcia Richard reacted by taking her “marbles” and going home.

RGF recently requested cost information relating to County EV’s. These are costly equipment.

RGF provides comment on the Biden/Ben Ray Lujan vehicle kill switch.

The House approved the Laken Riley Act, mandating that immigration authorities detain non-citizens charged with crimes. All NM Dems voted “no.”

San Francisco voters recently (overwhelmingly) adopted Prop. F which will require single adults on city welfare to be screened for drug use. Paul wants to make New Mexico as conservative as San Francisco.

In the recent Texas primary only six of the 16 anti-school-choice incumbents who ran for re-election won. Six lost outright and four were forced into May 28 runoffs. Traditionally, incumbents enter runoffs as underdogs because a majority of voters have already expressed themselves against them.

Biden is wrong on shrinkflation of Snickers Bars.