582 Seinfeld, Freedom Index, Biden’s EV Overreach, Cannabis LEDA Funding, President’s Day and more

Paul and Wally both attended the Seinfeld show. They have numerous thoughts:

1) The City did a poor job with logistics. 

2) The media didn’t condemn the protests for simply targeting a Jewish comedian (same with Meow Wolf):

3) While Paul and Wally believe that protestors have the right to share their beliefs, they should be doing so with their elected officials.

Freedom Index votes are finalized for the 2024 New Mexico legislative session.

As Paul noted in a recent blog post moderate Democrats came to the rescue of sanity in the 2024 session.

Just in time for the election President Biden appears to be backing away from his EV overreach. MLG shows no signs of backing off. Meanwhile the ABQ Journal finally covered the adoption of costly new mandates requiring EV chargers.

The State is giving a cannabis business funds through the State’s LEDA corporate welfare program.

Yesterday was President’s Day. Here’s our take on some of the best and worst.