578 Legislative session, “Clean Fuel”, Paid Leave Update, Oil and Gas, and Another EV Issue

Paul and Wally begin with a discussion of the most important issues being discussed in the Legislature.

The big alcohol tax hikes aren’t getting much traction, but the tax hikes contained in them are insane.

The Gov. wanted $110 million to eliminate 4 day school weeks. Rep. Armstrong got an amendment successfully adopted to allow districts to continue 4 day weeks. Here’s the vote.

14 states cut personal income taxes in 2024. New Mexico is not one of them despite its massive surplus.

Paul had an opinion piece that ran throughout the state regarding attacks on the oil/gas industry.

Nearly 3 years ago Albuquerque purchased land known as the Poole Estate. Since then it has sat collecting graffiti.

An issue with EV’s that even WE are surprised about.