574 Clean Fuel Standard, Four-Day School Weeks, Ronald Reagan and more

Paul was in the Roundhouse on Saturday testifying against HB 41 (Clean Fuel Standard). Another bill heard during that hearing (HB 48) would increase taxes on NM’s oil and gas industry. Both passed out of the Committee. Another bill, HB 114 attempts to squash the entire oil and gas industry.

MLG’s state of the state address was interrupted 3 times by pro-Palestine/anti fossil fuel protests. The Gov. called them “courageous.”

NM’s Film Office produced a study justifying film subsidies. Paul and Wally pick it apart.

They are filming in downtown ABQ. We have thoughts.

What’s wrong with 4 Day School weeks?

NM’s politicians are pushing for a “progressive” tax system. What does the term mean and how important is it?

Even with “free”buses, ABQ bus ridership is far below pre-pandemic numbers (even worse than the Rail Runner).

MLG’s mind-blowing Reagan Day proclamation.