572 A Look at Bills for the 2024 New Mexico Legislative Session and more

The session begins today. For starters Paul sits down with Carol Wight of the NM Restaurant Association to discuss a proposal for paid leave as well as plans to increase taxes on alcohol.

These are a few of the pre-filed bills that we are looking at with some additional links:

HB 41: Clean fuel standard; https://sourcenm.com/2024/01/12/lawmakers-add-new-clean-fuel-standards-to-environmental-improvement-act/

HB 37: Limits on NM’s capital gains deduction;

HB 48: increase royalty rates on oil and gas; https://capitalandmain.com/new-mexico-governor-kickstarts-effort-to-overhaul-oil-and-gas-regulation

NM to received $68 million to build an electric vehicle charging network. Details are scanty at this point, but the Gov. is very excited.

Hertz will sell off 20,000 EV’s and purchase gas cars instead.

Rail Runner ridership rebounded a bit in 2023, but it remains 22% below pre-pandemic levels. Will it ever achieve pre-pandemic levels or are we at the “new-normal.” What about other environmental solutions?

Even with the push to renewables NM’s Land Office gets a higher percentage of its revenues from oil and gas than before the current commissioner took over.