570 EV Mandate Update, Paid Family Leave Legislation, Budget Surplus and PNM Merger Failure

On this week’s conversation Paul and Wally discuss the Foundation’s ongoing work regarding electric vehicle mandates in New Mexico. The Foundation has also been requesting public records from various governments regarding EV deployment and costs.

New Mexico’s 30-day legislative session is right around the corner. One of the big issues RGF will be working to oppose is tax hikes to create a system of paid family leave. Paul and Wally discuss issues with this proposal which was narrowly defeated last year as SB 11.

NM has another mammoth budget surplus ($3.4 billion) again which means there will be plenty of new spending. Sadly, neither the LFC nor the Gov.’s budgets have any tax reductions/reform or even rebates.

PNM’s merger has fallen through. Paul explains why RGF didn’t engage on either side.