562 MLG in Dubai for Climate, Rooftop Solar, Freedom in NM report, FL vs. CA, & more

MLG flew to Dubai recently for the latest UN climate conference. 

Paul recently appeared on Mark/Krysty Ronchetti’s “No Doubt About it”podcast. He discussed NM’s new EV mandate;

More than 3,800 car dealerships to Biden: tap brakes on EV mandates. You can read their letter here and an article about it here. 

PNM says 23% of customers will have rooftop solar by 2040. On one hand this is more realistic than MLG’s vehicle mandate, on the other it is driven by huge subsidies.

RGF is holding its final luncheon of 2023 with Gabriella Hoffman discussing the government’s quiet land grab.

New Mexico fails in economic freedom, performs well in personal freedom in Cato report.

There was a debate recently between CA Gov. Newsom and FL Gov. DeSantis. When it comes to their economies, there is no comparison (but MLG is following the California model).

The ABQ Journal recently had two stories that highlight trades vs. academia that highlight interesting issues.

 fo: On one hand this is sad for our community (and highlights serious demographic issues), but on the other it highlights the gulf between public and private schools.