550 Lots of Stories on EV’s, School Choice Index, Fake Felony

Plenty to discuss on the EV front. I had an opinion piece that ran in numerous papers statewide on the Gov’s EV mandate.

The City of Albuquerque is buying electric buses from a company favored by the Biden Administration which is also bankrupt. A bus service in Wyoming can’t even get spare parts.

In yet another EV debacle the City of Albuquerque installed an electric shuttle (replacing the train from the Zoo to the Biopark). Apparently the shuttle doesn’t work very well in the cold or heat and it likely won’t be ready for River of Lights. 

According to a story from Yahoo Finance an EV could cost $13,000 MORE than the cost of a gas-powered vehicle to own over its lifetime.

A British columnist wrote this week: “We must put a stop to the electric vehicle revolution – before someone gets hurt.” One fire took 20,000 gallons of water to put out.

People are sending thousands of emails to the EIB through our new site: KeepyourcarsNM.com

A new report ranks New Mexico a mediocre 35th in school choice.

An Albuquerque city council candidate faked HAVING a felony conviction.