528-Is Gross Receipts Tax Reform On The Way?, New Mexico 34th for Health Care, Albuquerque Public Schools and Parents and more

On this week’s Tipping Point conversation Paul and Wally discuss the complexity of the GRT, changes to the tax going back to the Richardson Administration, and how we need to extend the logic of GRT “pyramiding” changes for health care to other areas of the economy.

New Mexico ranks 34th in Wallethub’s best states for health care report. We take some time to dive into this report which focuses on one of the most important economic issues of the 2023 session.

Conflict over informing parents on student academic performance at APS highlights fundamental problems with public employee unions, especially in education. 

The Deane Waldman interview remains up on Youtube, but NM’s attorney general Raul Torrez has put New Mexico on the record in support of government censorship of social media companies in the case of Missouri v. Biden.

It’s back to school. A survey sent to New Mexico’s 4th graders asks 11 year olds if they’re transgender, gay, bi, and if they use ze/hir pronouns.