502 “Free Money” is Popular, More New Mexico Rankings, Chaco Canyon Buffer and more

Paul flags his latest article in National Review’s Capital Matters in which he argues that New Mexico is like a lottery winner in all the good and bad ways.

US News report on “Best States” ranks New Mexico 47th overall. Is this a sound report? Paul dives into the details. 

“Free” money is popular at least to those receiving it.

As NM’s entire Congressional delegation pushes a 10 mile buffer around Chaco Canyon monument at the same time as the Navajo Nation rejects ANY Buffer.

New York bans gas stoves in new buildings. 

MLG has been named to the US Climate Alliance Executive Committee. MLG touts “hydrogen hub” to ABQ Chamber but more interesting is her plan to “create the largest statewide tutoring program per-capita in Country.” The Gov. remains unwilling to admit that her own COVID response did great harm to New Mexico students.

Sen. Heinrich announces his reelection bid for Senate.

According to Wallethub New Mexico has the worst problem w/ illegal drugs. Other studies find NM ALSO has the highest rate of deaths from alcohol, but the Legislature wants to “solve” the situation through a simple tax hike?

Virgin Galactic says it is going to have a crewed mission in “late May” and begin commercial flights in “late June.” Are these “make or break” missions for Virgin Galactic?