498 More on MLG Vetoes, Subsidies, School Budget Cuts, Gas Stoves Live and more

On this week’s conversation Paul and Wally discuss the Gov.’s use of the line-item veto in the latest tax bill. While Paul believes very strongly that the Gov. had the legal authority to use the line-item veto he and Wally find it amusing that NM Democrats suddenly care about process and separation of powers.

You can look at the New Mexico budget & find how film subsidies are accounted for (they reduce corporate income taxes) and how they are likely to grow for years to come.

“Budget cuts” hit Santa Fe schools. The reality is Santa Fe’s school spending continues to grow.

Paul offers an update on gas stoves including public comments. 

In an effort to address the federal debt situation Speaker McCarthy has unveiled a common sense plan.

Biden rule on mortgages punishes responsible borrowers and is the kind of policy that created the housing crisis of 2008.

Paul was briefly blocked by Rep. Stansbury on Twitter. That situation has been resolved.