496 Fiscal Issues and Their Impact on New Mexico

On the latest Tipping Point discussion Wally and Paul take on a number of fiscal issues:

Contrary to the views of NM politicians, lower taxes CAN result in higher revenues.

According to the latest Rich States Poor States report New Mexico sticks out relative to its neighbors (in a bad way). New Mexico’s economy isn’t in great shape, but according to a report from Pew the government has seen more tax revenues than any other state since January of 2020. Based on the recently passed budget in Santa Fe Paul put together a chart to illustrate just how quickly spending has grown.

New Mexico’s capital outlay process has always been corrupt, but the $10 million for an abortion clinic added to this year’s bill only highlighted the corruption.

Insanely Germany has shuttered its last 3 power plants (resulting in more coal and wood being burnt). Meanwhile the

Biden Administration is planning to force EV’s on Americans whether they want them or not.

Paul had a chance to talk to KOAT Channel 7 about the ongoing cost of the DOJ consent decree.  Folks in ABQ’s “International District” want a grocery store now that Wal Mart has closed but they vote for people who won’t get serious about crime