484 Gross Receipts Tax Reform Fails, Tax Hikes Abound, COVID Health Energy to End and more

The Legislature failed to enact needed GRT reforms and instead has plenty of tax hikes. A piece in the ABQ Journal on Friday telegraphed where things were heading. Not only will doctors be among those paying higher taxes, another attempt to reform NM’s medical malpractice law failed.

MLG will end the COVID health emergency at the end of March. As of March 11 we will have been in an emergency for 3 years.

A new study finds gas stoves are safe, but the Consumer Product Safety Administration has announced they plan to study the issue.

A chart in motion highlights the growth of government in New Mexico and other states since 1962. Since 2020 (the last year of the chart) New Mexico government has grown even faster.

The votes are really piling up at our Freedom Index with more to come.