482 DOE Says COVID came from Lab, Reduce Not Shift Corporate Income Taxes, SB 11 – Paid Family & Medical Leave Act and more

The US Department of Energy now says COVID most likely came from a lab leak at the Wujan Lab in China. This had been discussed and RGF had argued this to be the case, but it is good to see another of our perspectives on COVID proved out.

Paul argues that NM should reduce corporate income taxes, not shift them:

Paid Leave bill (SB 11) will soon be voted on by the full Senate. It could undermine any progress this Legislature makes on tax and economic policy reform.

We’ve talked about how Mississippi improved education. The ABQ Journal did a long-overdue article about it. What did the Journal “get” vs. miss and why?

Project Veritas exposes Albuquerque Public Schools’ secretive and troubling approach to transgender issues.  

HB 400 in the New Mexico Legislature would add more than 100,000 New Mexicans to the Medicaid rolls. 

The Biden admin quietly admits White House’s 9,000 unused oil permits talking point is wrong.