470 NM Tax Reform or Not, Gas Stove Wars, Population Loss, Worst Legislative Idea-You Decide and more

NM’s legislative session begins at noon. We can talk broadly about what to look for in the upcoming session on a whole host of issues. MLG’s “more of the same” budget is built on extraordinary growth in oil production. Sadly it doesn’t seriously address tax reform.

Paul and Wally briefly discuss the latest in the gas stove “wars.”

New Mexico population loss is a long-term problem.

Left wing legislator introduces legislation to create high speed rail from Denver to Mexico (again). Paul has brand new Rail Runner data highlighting the taxpayer-financed train’s costly failure.

Albuquerque’s “free” bus fare program hasn’t moved the needle on bus ridership in the City either. 

Finally, Paul notes that the City’s community centers were closed not just for MLK Day, but also the Saturday and Sunday before. This highlights the City’s lack of concern for youth who have no inexpensive entertainment options when school is out and these centers are closed.