441 Gubernatorial Debates Preview, Electric Blackouts and Brownouts Forecast and more

There will be two debates for Gov. While all debates are important, this one is especially so as MLG has so few details about her future plans. The first debate will take place Sept. 30 and will be hosted by KOB-TV. The second hourlong debate is being hosted by KOAT-TV, along with the Journal and KKOB Radio, and is set for Oct. 12.

Opinion piece runs statewide: MLG is trying to win reelection on abortion. What about other important issues?

So far, the most forthcoming remarks MLG has made on her future policy plans have been to the Albuquerque Journal. We compare and contrast the candidates stated views on the issues.

MLG fibs again, this time on COVID numbers. Paul really wishes the media would challenge her on some of these basic questions, but it will fall to Ronchetti to do so in the upcoming debates.

PNM tells policymakers and media (again) that New Mexicans are likely to experience blackouts and brownouts next summer. Again, the media fail to connect this to the Gov.’s Energy Transition Act. California is of course experiencing many of the same issue and will continue to do so until policies change.