439 NM Governor’s Race, NM 65+ Population, Protest at UNM and more

On this week’s conversation Paul has had a busy week of travel to Dallas and Atlanta. He fills the listeners in on what he’s doing out of State.

A new poll gives MLG a healthy lead, but the more interesting thing is how some of the issues and demographics break down (scroll to the bottom of the story). For example, MLG’s social media gives the impression that abortion is the ONLY issue on the ballot this fall, yet just 29% of voters claim it is their top motivation to vote. Also, MLG takes credit for her COVID policies, but it is simply not true to claim (as she does) that New Mexico outperformed Texas on COVID.

Gas prices are down, no thanks to Biden who has been especially stingy in leasing federal lands.  

A recent article highlights the need for a dramatic expansion of mining needed to fulfill EV goals.

New Mexico among the states with the fastest growing 65+ population. 

A fascinating article highlights safety issues with Virgin Galactic spacecraft and especially the manufacturer Scaled Composites. 

Violent protesters at UNM shut down conservative speaker Tomi Lahren.

Kenneth Starr passed away last week. He spoke at a January 2019 RGF luncheon. He is most well known for investigating then-President Clinton.