435 Biden’s dark speech, taxpayer-funded abortion clinic, California energy, education news

On this week’s conversation Paul and Wally discuss President Biden’s dark and disturbing speech against Trump and his supporters.

Gov. MLG spends $10 million capital outlay dollars for a new abortion clinic in Southern NM:  Also, while Paul reiterates that RGF takes no position on abortion in New Mexico, he frames this move within the context of a new ABQ Journal poll on abortion.

Less than a week after banning gas powered cars California tells Californians NOT to charge their cars due to electricity shortages. As Wally and Paul have recently discussed, 2% of all vehicles on the road in CA are electric. Notably, New Mexico is following these policies, but California recently decided to keep the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant open. To date New Mexico appears to have no inclination to keep power flowing from the Palo Verde nuclear plant. 

Dismal education news this week came from two sources.  

Lawmakers discuss NM Spaceport and the pipe dream of financial “self-sufficiency” at the facility while Las Cruces area Cervantes contrasts Spaceport w/ Rail Runner and asks the state of New Mexico to pick up the tab.

A new ABQ Journal poll highlights support for a pre-K amendment on the ballot this November, but this is hardly a surprise given the choices.

RGF is participating in an “open house” for the new Moms for Liberty chapter in Bernalillo County. Information can be found below: