425 Another education study, another dead last result for NM, government raising prices and more

Another education study, another dead last result for New Mexico. The latest is from Wallethub. Paul and Wally discuss this report and other findings on New Mexico’s poor educational performance. The ABQ Journal is right that poverty and low literacy are linked, but what are we spending all that money for anyway?

Is more time in the classroom the answer? The ABQ Journal editorial board seems to think so, but other studies throw water on that idea.  Finally, during COVID students who went to public schools were out of the classroom MUCH more than their peers in Catholic or other private schools

Government intervention = higher prices. 

American renewables won’t fuel our economy or stop climate change, especially when China keeps building new coal plants.

A new Pew report finds New Mexico has some of the most underfunded pensions in the country.

President Joe Biden contracts COVID for a second time in just a few weeks.