421 Rebates to New Mexicans or Socialist Scheme?, New Mexico Ranks 46th in “Best States for Business”, Nuclear Storage and more

On this week’s conversation Paul and Wally discuss the fact that Gov. MLG has again renewed her health emergency (which expired on July 15). The new order expires in mid-August. The ABQ Journal editorial board recently expressed some valid concerns about the Gov.’s continued use of her emergency powers.

  Virgin Galactic announced plans to build their spacecraft for (someday) launch in New Mexico…in Mesa, AZ.

Republican candidate for Gov. Mark Ronchetti announces a rebate plan which would provide annual rebates based on oil and gas revenues. Also, the rebate would give additional $$ based on children. A spokesperson for MLG called Ronchetti’s plan “fiscally irresponsible socialist scheme” in the Albuquerque Journal. 

 Speaking of “socialist schemes,” MLG claims the film industry annual spending rose to $855 million in the last year. We again cite data from the Legislative Finance Committee showing the program to be a money-loser. 

CNBC ranked New Mexico 46th in “Best States for Business” report. The report is thorough and comes to the correct conclusion about New Mexico, but it is worth looking at methodology due to some odd rankings.

When it comes to ACTUALLY increasing the number of jobs and economic growth, Paul and Wally cite data highlighting the fact that right to work states continued to move to right to work states after the onset of COVID 19. 

Finally, Paul talks to Gerges Scott who represents Holtec International. They discuss the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s recent decision relating to the facility slated to be built as a temporary storage facility for spent nuclear fuel in Southeast New Mexico.