417 New Laws as of July 1, 2022, Supreme Court Ruling for EPA, NM Unemployment and more

On this week’s podcast conversation Wally and Paul discuss New laws that kick in as of July 1 in New Mexico including a slight gross receipts tax reduction, near-elimination of the Social Security tax, and military pensions tax, but also the new mandatory paid sick leave.

Long a leader in education reform, Arizona has just embraced universal Education Savings Accounts. Speaking of education, a new report finds no learning loss in Sweden where schools remained open. Contrasting starkly with New Mexico where schools remained closed for over a year:

Paul and Wally discuss the latest SCOTUS rulings in West Virginia vs. EPA.

Despite having the nation’s highest unemployment rate, a new national report finds that businesses in New Mexico are high on the list of those having trouble finding workers.

Sen. Heinrich’s (and Biden’s) morally dubious effort to repeal solar panel tariffs.

Finally, Paul is on the road for a family trip. He discusses the lack of Tesla’s and other electric vehicles on America’s open roads.