411 Albuquerque Homeless “Safe Spaces”, Does New Mexico have an Education Secretary? and more

Ronchetti wins. Paul & Wally discuss that outcome and other races; Paul recently traveled to Florida for an event with anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist. He discusses the national scene;

Common Cause supports New Mexico’s awful judicial election process. Paul and Wally discuss their issues with it.

ABQ City Council embraces “safe spaces.” Progressive former mayoral candidate Pete Dinelli is spot-on regarding local parks: 

Inflation hits 8.6%, highest in four decades.  The average US gas price hits $5/gallon. 

A new study finds high gas prices hit rural, poor the most (duh). Speaking of inflation, Paul recently spoke to KOAT channel 7 about trash, water, and power fees going up in Albuquerque.

Biden visited New Mexico to offer aid to forest fire victims. A lefty news site actually goes behind the headlines and talks to Northern New Mexicans frustrated by Forest Service mismanagement.

In a seeming conflict of interest, NM Environment Department (headed by MLG) gives out awards to friendly legislators.

Does New Mexico have an education secretary? It is hard to say.