397 National Media Gets It Wrong, NM Most Dependent on Federal Government and more

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The media failed to include some important details on a recent CNM story. RGF Paul and Wally correct the record on CNM “cutting” programs.

Speaking of the media getting things wrong, a Politico story gets numerous facts wrong in its attempt to praise New Mexico Democrats on energy.

Friday was Earth Day. Paul and Wally celebrate the very real progress we’ve made on the environment:

Here’s how NM’s K-12 spending compares to our neighbors. Unfortunately results and spending are two very different things.

Her last health order was confusing. As it turns out MLG did extended the health emergency yet again, but until May 16.

A recent court victory on UNM Foundation transparency is a victory for good, open government.

A new study says NM is the most dependent US state on the federal government.

RGF recently had an opinion piece that ran regarding New Mexico’s economy and the unique opportunity the State has to put its economy on track. Even with an income tax Colorado’s economy performs very well thanks in large part to its Taxpayers Bill of Rights. Paul and Wally discuss how Colorado’s recently-announced rebates rival New Mexico’s, but are far superior overall because of TABOR’s systemic approach.