395 Biden raises royalties, reduces leases, stupidity of ethanol, Rail Runner, IPRA

College is “free” but CNM is pushing to eliminate trade education for truck drivers and jewelry. Paul and Wally wonder if this means a shift away from vocational learning at New Mexico’s “free” institutes of higher education.

The Biden Administration has decided to increase royalties and scaled back leases on federal lands including an 80% reduction in leases in New Mexico.  The federal and state pushes for ethanol are the wrong way to address gas prices.

The Legislature denied funding for it, but MLG announced a plan to spend $500,000 for fare reduction on the Rail Runner anyway. Paul and Wally briefly comment on the fact that at least Rail Runner riders won’t need to wear masks thanks to a Trump-appointed federal judge. Nonetheless, MLG extended New Mexico’s health emergency yet again to April 30.

RGF president Paul Gessing recently spoke to KOAT for a story on RGF’s successful public records suit and the constant flow of tax dollar payments for denied public records.

Union backed Albuquerque Mayor Keller has vetoed a bill that would have restored market forces to public works projects.

RGF has an upcoming luncheon speaker who will discuss vaccine mandates.