391 Rebates for New Mexicans, Delayed Social Skills in Children, Energy Prices and more

The New Mexico Legislature is in a special session today discussing “rebates” for New Mexicans.

States are ending their COVID emergencies, but what about New Mexico? 

The Pandemic has delayed the social skills of young children.

Where’s Deb Haaland hits the “big time” at National Review online. The article is behind a paywall so you can read it here on the RGF website.

Searchlight NM has an interesting report that highlights the challenge of keeping the lights and homes warm for poor and fixed income families. Alas, as Paul and Wally discuss, they fail to address the causes of the problem.

RGF finally received details on MLG’s travel to Scotland.

ABQ City Council fails to cut taxes, passes bill repealing union-giveaway project labor agreements, and overrides Mayor Keller on plastic bags.