389 How much will you get from $$Special Session and more

On this week’s conversation Paul and Wally discuss the upcoming special session of the Legislature. Both agree that the proposed rebates are nice (really), but it is time for New Mexico to really address its poorly-designed tax code. Paul believes that GRT reform is the “low-hanging-fruit” and that it must happen first, but he has the personal income tax in his sights as well.

Data highlights the tragedy of MLG’s school shutdowns.

The problem with Ketanji Brown Jackson’s answer on “women.”

The US and EU have reached a deal on LNG exports, but will it actually do anything if production isn’t ramped up and new facilities aren’t green-lighted?

Hot on the heels of the new “Opportunity Scholarship” program (free college) becoming law, UNM and NMSU increase tuition. To be totally fair, the rate of increase is below the current, out-of-control inflation rate;

The  City of Albuquerque under the Keller Administration has paid out more than $337K regarding open records requests/IPRA violations including $15,000 to the Rio Grande Foundation. 

Mayor Keller has vetoed repeal of the City’s plastic bag ban. What’s next?

ABQ City Council is still discussing reducing GRT. Paul discusses the status of that issue.