385 Governor Veto, Candidate Pledge, Unemployment and more

On this week’s conversation Paul and Wally discuss the Gov.’s veto of a capital outlay bill. While the capital outlay process is in dire need of reform, this seems like a dubious way for MLG to make an attempt at fiscal restraint. Will there be a special session to discuss this and/or their voting bill?

The Rio Grande Foundation has created a pledge for legislative and gubernatorial candidates to limit executive power in an emergency. Here it is:

Our “democracy” pledge: I pledge to protect democracy. Thus, I commit to balancing power in future emergency declarations. This includes: restricting “emergencies” to a fixed period of time, clearly defining “emergency” in statute, and requiring majorities in both houses of the state legislature to approve extensions of any “emergency” declaration.

January’s unemployment rate just came out: New Mexico remains at 5.9% w/ highest rate in the nation.

New Mexico’s unemployment has ALSO recovered the least among US states since COVID 19 began in March of 2020.

According to the US Department of Energy natural gas is the most affordable way to heat your home.

New Mexico US Senator Martin Heinrich says cooking on your stove is like letting your babysitter smoke in your house.