373 What’s Happening at NM Legislature and more

The media is saying it has been a tough start for MLG this session (hydrogen hub, GRT bill, Social Security tax).  

NM’s current public health order expires on February 4. We know it will be renewed which will take us to the 2 year anniversary of COVID.  Gov. Newsom and numerous Hollywood stars attended the LA Rams game mask free. The Super Bowl which is ALSO in Los Angeles is a masked event. Canadian truckers are having a massive convoy to protest vaccine mandates.

One bill restraining the Gov. ‘s emergency powers stalled in committee, but a new bill, SB 196 limiting those powers in an emergency has been introduced in the Senate. HB 75, the public banking act was tabled, SB 8 voting bill is bad and a top priority of MLG and the Legislature. Here’s what it would do.

PNM is now saying it expects power outages this summer.  

A new study attacks natural gas appliances in homes, but we have an article debunking it. 

Another new study finds pre-K programs can actually have a negative impact on children.