367 CDC finally gets curious, Bad Bills Drafted and much more

Several COVID-related issues at the start of this podcast. Cases are at record levels in New Mexico. More than 4,000 cases for the first time EVER. Lujan Grisham extended the universal indoor mask mandate yet again on Friday. Only WA, OR, CA, HI, IL, and NM have universal indoor mask mandates.

SCOTUS heard case on Biden COVID mandates. The ignorance of several justices, especially the Court’s liberals, was striking regarding basic COVID and even legal issues. Australia is refusing Tennis player access to the nation due to the Nation’s vaccine mandate. Novak Djokovic had COVID and an exemption, but JUST received a ruling that allowed into the country to play in the Australian Open. AOC has COVID after partying in Florida. Chicago’s teachers’ unions are refusing to teach (generating national outrage and even with the Mayor). So far the same hasn’t happened in New Mexico and schools remain open. The CDC after two years is finally going to study those hospitalized WITH COVID as opposed to because of COVID;

MLG releases her budget proposal for the upcoming session with 13.5% annual increase, Paul and Wally discuss. What will happen during the upcoming 30-day session?

Voting bill is bad news: it would extend the early voting period to the Sunday before election day, creating a permanent absentee voter list, automatically register people to vote with a transaction at the MVD, allow electronic signatures for nominating petitions, create a straight-party ballot option. It would also allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in local elections, like school board elections.

Conservative legislative group ALEC ranks MLG “worst governor in the nation.” 

As expected, US greenhouse emissions rose in Biden’s first year.

Emissions rose by about 6.2 percent in 2021 over 2020. Still, emissions remained about 5 percent below 2019 levels;

A lawsuit filed by former CFO over alleged fraud totaling $200 million. Allegations are made against: Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Attorney General Hector Balderas, New Mexico State Auditor Brian Colón, Economic Development Cabinet Secretary Alicia Keys, and current managers at Spaceport America.”