359 Last Minute Giveaway by ABQ City Council, Runoff Election, Redistricting and more

In a last-ditch effort, ABQ City Council’s liberals push through a big union giveaway in the form of a Project Labor Agreement. Is it even legal?

Runoff elections are today. Perhaps if they go well the ordinance can be repealed?

The redistricting special Session kicks off in Santa Fe with mandatory vaccines, metal detectors at the doors, and no guns. Also, Sen. Jacob Candelaria is now an Independent, but the good news is that they are focused on drawing lines and not much else.

After a brief drop, NM’s COVID case count has suddenly jumped again. 

MLG unveils the details of her plans to increase gas prices in the January legislative session. 

NM’s budget is more dependent than ever on oil prices. Here’s the data on oil production which has skyrocketed in recent years. 

This news story about “homeless” will make your blood boil. What ARE we paying taxes for anyway? 

More info on learning loss during the pandemic. 

The latest film subsidy report shows (again) that subsidies are a dud.