355 New Mexico’s Economic Freedom, Gross Receipts Tax Cut Proposed and more

From Monday, Nov. 16, through Monday, Nov. 30 last year New Mexicans suffered under MLG’s “enhanced” lockdown which led to our own bread lines as people were forced to stand outside in the cold to get into grocery stores which were limited to 75 people indoors. The good news is that arguably the Virus appears to have peaked for THIS year in terms of infections.

New Mexico falls further behind in the latest economic freedom report.

Do New Mexico Democrats actually care about “progressive” taxation? Build Back Better is HARDLY “progressive.” 

Gov. MLG wants a tiny tax cut. Reducing GRT rates doesn’t solve the problem. Spaceport America has a generous tax exemption from the Legislature and is an example of the problem.

Who paid for MLG’s Scottish adventure and HOW exactly did she get there?