345 Mask Mandate, Education Scores, State Fair and Coal

MLG extends indoor mask mandate through November 12. New Mexico is one of small handful of states that has an indoor mask mandate. Here is a map. New Mexico’s medical system is now in “crisis” mode. What is happening? 

Disappointing National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores from the “Nation’s Report Card” test which was given pre-pandemic are out. Notably, results from the assessment show widening score gaps between higher-performing and lower-performing students, with the changes driven by declines among lower-performing students – a trend that’s emerged across other NAEP exams and grade levels in recent years, including in mathematics and reading at grades four and eight.

State fair attendance was way down this year. 

Hearings on Four Corners Power Plant & PNM’s planned abandonment include some interesting takes, especially from environmental groups.  Rumors of coal’s death are greatly exaggerated. Prices are skyrocketing as utilities embrace coal in order to keep the lights on.