337 Natural Gas Prices Hit 12-Year High, Soccer Stadium or Police, Zero-Cost Bus Fares and more

Natural gas price hits the highest level in 12 years.  According to the LFC, a 10 cent increase in the price per thousand cubic feet of natural gas translates into $15 million in additional revenue (and it’s not even winter yet!):

Where does New Mexico’s electricity come from? 

Rep. Williams Stapleton indicted on 26 charges.

The Biden Administration wants the IRS to know A LOT more about your personal finances. 

State law targets liquor sales at gas stations, so they stopped selling gas. 

Federal Reserve data show inflation is eating up those pay hikes.

PED secretary profiled in Journal. High aspirations, but doesn’t seem inclined/willing to embrace dramatic reform ideas.

One of the United Soccer team’s preferred stadium sites appears to be not for sale.  Of course, you can use the $50 million for the United stadium for cops instead.

ABQ embraces zero-cost bus fares.