335 David Clements, Masks, Vaccine Mandates, Plastic Bags, Power Plants and more

On this week’s episode David Clements, a previous podcast guest and law professor at New Mexico State University, discusses his anti-mask, anti-vaccine activism and job loss.

Will Gov. MLG extend her indoor mask order? RGF has an informal poll on Twitter. We’ll report on what happens next.

Biden’s vaccine mandate Executive Order, but what about unemployed and others on government benefits, those with immunity, and those in various relatively unvaccinated minority groups.

ABQ Journal columnist raises interesting questions about Soccer stadium. 

A liberal ABQ Journal columnist ALMOST gets it on plastic bag ban.

California will be building FIVE natural gas plants costing $171.5 million per facility in order to keep the lights on during their “energy transition”.

OAK NM surveys on public school candidates are available on the website: https://oaknm.org/school-board-survey/

Corey De’Angelis on education reform Monday September 20 at Albuquerque Museum.  Click Here to register.