333 Balloons, Public Financing Debacle, Flood of Revenues to NM, Tax Increases Still on Agenda and more

Paul’s trip to Florida for the State Policy Network Conference. He reports from the free state.

Will TV man and former US Senate candidate run for Gov.? There have been rumblings that he will. 

More on the flood of revenue to the State including early childhood fund.

Despite all the revenue legislators are STILL considering tax hikes.

Deb Haaland has a maskless wedding.  A government watchdog is looking into possible improper gifts.

David Scrase wants more COVID testing of kids. Is this really a good idea?

International Balloon Fiesta to require masks, but not vaccines. With all the pressure put on them by MLG, it seems the Fiesta has chosen the most reasonable path.

Virgin Galactic faces more delays. The Federal Aviation Administration said it was grounding all Virgin Galactic flights until further notice, pending the results of the investigation into the company’s July 11 crewed flight. It was recently uncovered that the spaceplane deviated its trajectory outside of cleared airspace.

Public financing in Albuquerque is a debacle and needs to be abolished.

APS holds off on charter moratorium. Hopefully, the NEW board elected this November will be pro-charter.

Wife of an injured police officer calls out Chief Medina and Mayor Keller.