329 Shootings in Albuquerque, NM Unemployment, Guaranteed Basic Income and more

Last week was one of the worst in ABQ in Paul’s memory. He shares a bit of his experience due to the shootings/lockdowns in NE Heights.

MLG has imposed a mask mandate and is demanding state fair attendees be vaccinated. Most New Mexico kids are back to school. While it is more “normal” than last year, there are many challenges facing New Mexicans and the education system. Paul wrote about this recently in the Las Cruces Sun News. On his way out the door, NM’s (former) PED secretary says he pushed hard for allowing outdoor learning options for New Mexico students (to no avail).

Pfizer vaccine has been approved for adults 16 and up. 

The White Sands Balloon Festival has been cancelled for another year. Is this COVID or a federal lands dispute?

According to National Bureau of Economic Research study covered by Yale News on recent research: Using a quantitative model to examine the consequences of extended school closures for high school students, the researchers determined that children living in the poorest 20% of U.S. neighborhoods will experience the most negative and long-lasting effects of school closures. For example, their model predicts that one year of school closures will cost ninth graders in the poorest communities a 25% decrease in their post-educational earning potential, even if it is followed by three years of normal schooling. By contrast, their model shows no substantial losses for students from the richest 20% of neighborhoods.

New Mexico’s unemployment rate is now 7.6%, tied with New York and California for 2nd-worst in the nation.  The Biden Administration says states can use surplus stimulus money to extend unemployment benefits beyond September 6. Will MLG?

What about a “Guaranteed basic income” for New Mexicans?