321 Failing Education System, Back to School Rules, Soccer Stadium and more

On this week’s podcast discussion, Paul and Wally discuss the Gov.’s new “back to school” policies including mask requirements for elementary students/teachers and vaccine verification for junior high and high school students.

Last week was a very busy media week for RGF. It included a conversation with Fox Business Channel on film subsidies, Paul in the ABQ Journal discussing how Sen. Martin Heinrich is coming for your natural gas appliances, Patrick Brenner discusses Richard Branson abuse of New Mexico taxpayers in The Federalist.

One radical environmentalist NM Senator Soules is a big hypocrite when it comes to private jets.

“Shockingly” New Mexico’s education system has failed to improve under the Yazzie lawsuit. Paul discusses how Regis Pecos was one of Speaker Lujan’s top advisors but when we came to him with education reforms he didn’t do anything.

Mayor Keller plans to force taxpayers to pay $65 to $70 million for a stadium for the United soccer team and that doesn’t include land acquisition or cost overruns. 

Journal cartoon “nails” a lot about NM politics. Paul explains.