319 Bezos to Space, Open Records Settlement, Unemployment and more

Paul recently took another trip. He reports on mask mandates on airplanes & public transport among other things.

Jeff Bezo joins Richard Branson as a billionaire having been to space.

Pediatrics group wants ALL kids and staff to wear masks this fall. MLG still hasn’t announced a specific policy.

RGF settles w/ Keller Administration regarding open records. 

RGF has never been a fan of public financing of elections and we fought this w/ Democracy Dollars. Mayoral candidate Manny Gonzales recently received a reminder of how “public” financing can be politicized. 

New Mexico’s unemployment rate is tied for highest in USA. RGF also looks at the workforce participation rate.

For once ProgressNow DOES have a point about oil and gas.

More talk about reform of NM’s GRT. 

How do we address homelessness? An excellent Prager U video has some ideas.