293 High Unemployment yet Few Workers to be Found and more

On the latest Tipping Point New Mexico Paul discusses the fact that the CDC has now confirmed that he was correct in questioning “surface spread” of COVID over a year ago. Last year at this time Mayor Keller shut down Albuquerque playgrounds and parks. Paul and his family did not obey these restrictions and were criticized for it at the time.

NM has high unemployment and yet businesses can’t find workers because too many are getting checks for doing nothing.

Some “blue” states are making COVID rules permanent. Paul is concerned this could happen in New Mexico.

Scott Elder has a brand new contract at APS. Paul and Wally discuss the particulars and problems with the contract.

A new report finds the US Department of Interior (headed by Deb Haaland of New Mexico) is shortchanging NM on conservation funding.

The Biden Administration wants another $2 trillion “Stimulus” infrastructure via the so-called “American Jobs Plan.” Paul discusses the fact that most of the money Biden wants to spend in the bill is not infrastructure-related. He also outlines a few policy changes that COULD be addressed if Biden actually wanted to improve infrastructure in the US.