291 Energy, COVID, Freedom Index, Bleak Report for New Mexico and more

On the latest Tipping Point NM conversation, Paul and Wally discuss a few articles showing that there is “no such thing as a free lunch” when it comes to energy.

ABQ/Bernalillo County remains in Yellow. San Juan County moves from Turquoise to green. There is no end in sight for MLG’s rules.

Back to School seems to be going fine, but the number of students in school is down.

Gov. signs “food freedom” bill but vetoes “earmark” of federal funds for unemployment insurance. The unemployment veto is important for both policy reasons as well as separation of powers.

Paul goes through the results of the Foundation’s annual Freedom Index:

Freedom Index Results

House: best
1)    Rep. Strickler 122 points
2)    Rep. Stefani Lord 109 points
3)    Rep. Randal Pettigrew 108 points

Senate: best
1)    Sen. Pirtle 68 points
2)    Sen. Moores 65 points

House: worst
1)    Rep. Miguel Garcia -189 points
2)    Speaker Egolf -187 points

Stansbury -177 points

Senate: worst
1)    Sens. Steinborn & Sen. Stewart -150
2)    Sen. Stefanics -146
3)    Sen. Katy Duhigg -145

New Mexico’s Human Services Department’s data book paints a bleak picture of NM.