271 COVID-19 Policy, Biden’s Energy Policy, Medicaid, Freedom Index and more

On this week’s podcast conversation:

Apparently, not everyone was consulted by MLG on her back to school order. 

The number of active COVID cases is MUCH higher than it was for most of the time the schools were on lockdown. 

Good news. More counties are moving from red to yellow.

Under what logic can Top Golf open but not Cliffs or Hinkle Family Fun Center?

Biden’s energy crackdown isn’t just for 60 days. But, as discussed on the podcast recently, Kathleen Sgamma’s Western Energy Alliance has indeed filed a lawsuit

New Mexico is #1 in Medicaid recipients. MLG’s old business partner Rep. Deborah Armstrong (and seeming Medicaid profiteer) wants to levy a tax on insurance policies to fund additional welfare. 

Wally and Paul discuss some good bills this session. 

They further address a few bad bills including one on private prison prohibition and another on mandatory solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations on new homes.

Mandatory sick leave vs. tax incentives.

Watch EoE for details and regular updates during the virtual session.

NM unemployment rate jumps as economy locks down in November. 

Finally, Paul and Wally remind listeners to use the Foundation’s Freedom Index and check www.ErrorsofEnchantment.com as bills move through the process.