265 Perspectives on Trump Legacy and Riots at U.S. Capitol and more

The events of this past week were unprecedented in American history. On this week’s podcast, Paul and Wally share their perspectives on the riot at the US Capitol and Trump’s legacy more broadly. Then, Wally and Paul address the political repercussions of this event which will be extremely problematic for conservatives nationwide, let alone here in New Mexico. One of the earliest developments involves a clampdown on conservatives on social media.

Before last week went completely off the rails Paul and Wally made some predictions regarding the results of the Georgia Senate Races. They discuss the results of those predictions.

RGF had an op-ed in the ABQ Journal over the weekend.

Despite all the doom and gloom predictions about the Trump presidency (not to mention a growing population and economy), US CO2 emissions haven’t been this low since the early 1980s.

United Van Lines’ annual report detailing which states people moved to and from during 2020 is out. What does it mean for New Mexico?