257 Electoral College, COVID-19 Vaccine, Plan To Ration Care and More

On this week’s Tipping Point discussion Paul and Wally discuss the fact that electors in the nation’s Electoral College were casting their votes for president. The Electoral College is an important safeguard of our democratic-republic.

Good news for New Mexico and the US as the Pfizer COVID 19 vaccine has begun shipping across the USA including to New Mexico. President Trump and his Administration deserve great credit for this achievement as do the scientists at Pfizer and other companies.

New Mexico hospitals authorized to “ration” care. What does this mean?

ABQ City Council pushes sick leave vote back to February 1.

NM’s PED secretary says “I think we’re going to be back in person in the fall of 2021.” 

NM’s jobs situation remains among the nation’s worst according to Wallethub. 

Another failure to launch at Spaceport America. Saturday morning’s test flight was aborted because its rocket engine failed to ignite, but the crew made it back to the spaceport safely.